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Prosperity Flats is conveniently located .5 miles, just a ten minute walk, from the Dunn-Loring Merrifield Metro Station, on the Orange Line. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) provides convenient and direct access to DC.

The Dunn Loring-Merrifield Station provides all day parking for $4.75, 40 bike racks and 34 bike lockers, and available car sharing.

Check out the WMATA Dunn Loring-Merrifield Metro Station website to learn more.


Prosperity Flats is also located on the route of two bus lines; The Fairfax Commuter and the Metro Bus. The closest bus station to Prosperity Flats is the Dunn-Loring Merrifield Station and Temp Bar C which is 0.2 miles away.

There are also 8 bus stops within 0.5 miles of Prosperity Flats! These bus routes provide you direct access to many metro stations in the area as well as Tysons Corner.

Click these links to view all the bus information for this area.

Bus information for Dunn Loring-Merrifield Metro Station.

Fairfax Connector Routes

Route 401: Backlick-Gallows Road Northbound.
Route 462: Vienna - Park Street.
Route 463: Vienna - Navy Federal Credit Union.

Metrobus Routes

Metrobus: Wilson Boulevard Line.
Metrobus: Fair Oaks-Dunn Loring Line.
Metrobus: Washington Blvd. Line.


When it comes to your commute you may think it’s hard to find and coordinate someone to travel with. However, Commuter Connections makes it easy to find out who, in your community, might be traveling the same way that you do, so you can share a ride. Not only is carpooling a more convenient affordable way to travel, but you can connect with people in your community, and take advantage of the HOV lanes on 66 and the Express lanes on 495!

Explore to see who works nearby!

You Have a Guaranteed Ride Home!

Sometimes life gets in the way of your plans. Your supervisor will ask you to work late, you might get sick and need to leave early. Whatever life throws your way, Prosperity Flats Commuting wants you to know that you are covered. If you carpool, take public transportation, bike, walk, or get to your work any way other than driving along at least twice a week, you are eligible for up to four free rides home a year from the Guaranteed Ride Home program (from Commuter Connections). Now you don't need to worry about getting left behind by your carpool or missing that last bus. Commuter Connections will send you a taxi or rental car and make sure that you get home. Thank of it as your "commuter insurance."


The 495 Express lanes are conveniently located less than a mile from Prosperity flats. The lanes offer a more predictable commute when traveling the Capital Beltway. The 495 Express lanes are a perfect way to shorten your commute. To ride the lanes, you will need an EZ Pass, as the lanes do not have tolls. EZ Passes make for a convenient commute as they automatically deduct tolls from your pre-paid accounts.

You can ride the lanes FOR FREE if you have an EZ Pass Flex and have 3 or more people in the car with you!

Check out the 495 Express Lanes Website for more information on the lanes and getting your EZ Pass.